Welcome to Idahowood ... Exceptional Lighting Designs in Classic Wood Finishes

Please look through our web site (by clicking on any one of the categories above) to see our large selection of lighting. For over 43 years we have been a leader in the field of commercial and residential lighting fixtures made from Cedar, Oak, and Powder Coated Steel. We feature a wide selection of quality lighting designs that have practical function and are durable as well as environmentally friendly. Our lighting product themes include Classic Traditional, Natural, Rustic, Contemporary, Asian or Far East, Vandal Resistant, Night Time Friendly, Elegant, and Innovative. What light source is best for the application? We offer Incandescent, Fluorescent, HID for commercial use, LED and Low Voltage. We can also produce your own custom design or just change the size of an existing fixture to suit your project. All Finished Products are American Labor made using as much American produced raw materials as is possible for us. We look forward to hearing from you. 800-635-1100