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Cedar Post and Area Lighting

All fixtures accept LED-Also see LED page

Idaho Wood
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Contemporary Wright/Craftsman Style

Our newest Contemporary Wright/Craftsman Style Post Light. All Clear Western Red Cedar. We have 4 years field experience with wall and other Post Lights of this style. The grid work is unique, intricate and strong. Vapor Proof Glass Globed Fixture inside. Direct burial or Steel Plate mount. Heights are from ground to top of head. We add 2’ of the 3 ½” Post if direct burial. Finished with an Oil based sealer. See other Head Designs on ‘Wall’ page. (S323L-04’ pictured)

Long life Incandescent 75 watt included or CFL as you specify.
Head 7” Sq. x 18” Tall – Post 3 ½ sq.

3' tall
4' tall
5' tall
6' tall
8' tall

Idaho Wood

Cedar and Powder Coated Steel
Street and Area Luminaries

The R296 series of street and area lights have been installled in U.S. National Parks, marinas, commercial parking areas and residential developments. The beautiful Steel octagon cedar-clad poles and framed heads add distinction and the warmth of wood to any site.
      A steel superstructure lies within the Clear Cedar 5" square wood pole. A 3/8" steel base plate and junction box are joined by a length of 3" steel tubing to the welded head assembly. The lights come in single configurations. They range in height from 10' to 16'. The post is pre-wired. The head ships as a separate piece. The head attaches simply while on the ground with two bolts.
      Anchor bolts should be specified by you in accordance with local conditions and furnished by the customer. We can advise you and we can obtain anchor bolts for you upon request.
      The fixtures are full cut-off because of the wood trim.
     We use Cree Luminaries. They are the leaders of the LED industry. We can obtain different size fixtures for different lumen specifications. But for pricing purposes we offer the LED 25 watt, 2416 lumens, 4000K, 70 CRL. Inquire for others.

10' $1150
12' $1250
14' $1350
16' $1450

Mission Light Series

This Mission Light series is sure to pleas ethe eye of the discerning designer. They are very finely tooled. The long-time function of these lights is assured by the intricatly connected wood pieces. They are designed to last through wet and dry conditions.


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Mission Style Wall Light

The wood Mission wall light in its finest trtadition using wood to match your Mission design without compromise.

Includes 2- 60 watt long life bulbs (or can be used with 2- CFLs, or 2- LED lamps).

12" H, 7 1/2" SQ. MW2-60

S305- $76.00
O305- $74.00


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Mission Style Landscape Light

The Landscape and post light are available in cedar only.

The Mission woodpost is 3 1/2" by 3 1/2" clear cedar. The landscape light attaches to 3/4" rigid. Post light head and landscape light dimensions are 18" H, 7 1/2" SQ.

MW75 included or can be used with a CFL or LED lamp.

S305L- $141.00


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Mission Style Post Light

  3' 4' 5' 6' 8' 10'
S305P $204 $216 $228 $246 $260 $296

Overall length of post and head- Steel base or we add 24" of post for direct burial. MW75 included- or can be used with CFL or LED lamp.

Idaho Wood
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Cedar Post Lights, Frank Lloyd Wright Style

These wood post lights use the Wright designs from our Wall Light Series. They are mounted on 3 1/2" posts of the height you desire. They can be obtained in single or double heads. See Wall Page for other designs other than the S323P shown here.

They can be direct burial or steel plate mounted. Two feet of pole added for direct burial.

Long life lamps included. Finished with an Oil based sealer. Heads shipped unattached

6' tall
Single head- $208
Double head- $273
8' tall
Single head- $226
Double head- $289
6' tall
Single head- $218
Double head- $294
8' tall
Single head- $235
Double head- $309

Idaho Wood
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Full Cut Off Post/Landscape Light

This is a very contemporary wood/steel design. This post/landscape light is available in heights from 3’ to 10’. It is available for incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps.

This is a forever fixture. Its structure is a complete powder coated steel post and fixture head covered with Clear Cedar. The steel corners of the post and head are exposed Black Powder Coated. The Cedar wrap is designed to always look good and natural. The structural steel means it will last for many decades. If by chance the wood is damaged or very aged it is easily replaceable. This fixture will put the light where it can be used and not in the the sky. Wood is finished with an Oil based sealer.

Maximum wattage -100 incandescent - 45 fluorescent. Lamp included.



Idaho Wood
R279 Series
Idaho Wood
R226 Series
Idaho Wood
R277 Series
Idaho Wood
R276 Series
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Heavy Duty Post and Area Lighting

Idaho Wood has a wide variety of lighting products for area and post top lighting. Preview the online profiles below.

These commercial grade Cedar post lights are designed to be set on concrete pads. They come in four styles of heads. The octagonal posts and heads are cut from clear, (6/4) Cedar. The post are 6" wide, glue-laminated octagons, available in above grade heights (including head) from 3' to 12'. The lid is detachable for ease of lamp change. They contain a gasketed glass globed weather-proof fixture. The fixtures are provided with a 1/4" thick steel base that bolts to a concrete pad. Finshed with an Oil based sealer. 5000 hour - 100 watt long- life bulb included.

The R226P is a commercial grade larger version of the R221 series. This post light is actually two choices in one style. You may order it with 5 or 8 window cut-outs as the lighting situation may require. We are discontinuing this fixture. We have a limited number in inventory. They can be purchased at a 50% discount from the below listed prices.

R226, R276, R277, R279
All four fixtures available in heights from 3' to 12'  Overall Height of Post and Head. Head dimensions: 24"H x 9"W, Max. Wattage 100W or appropriate large wattage Fluorescent. Anchor bolts and nuts included by request. Add $6

Height 3' 4' 6' 8' 10' 12'
  $279 $294 $325 $355 $390 $430

Energy saving HID is also available. Available in 50, 70 or 100 watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS).-- 50 or 100 watt Metal Halide (MH). Add $190. Our lighting white translucent lens minimizes the color rendition versions of these HID fixtures. Minimum HID post light height is 42". 24,000 hour bulb included.

Idaho Wood

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Contemporary Post Light

This popular heavy duty lighting contemporary fixture and pole fit perfectly into today's styles. Luminaires are made from 1 1/2"clear cedar glue-laminated pieces. The fixture emits light out in all directions. Custom lens openings available.Bollards are available in 18" and 36" heights.

These luminaires have a weather-proof glass globed fixture. Units are wired complete to a concealed steel base that attaches to a concrete pad with 4 anchor bolts. Anchor bolts and nuts are included upon request. Add $6 per set. Stainless steel Acorn Nuts available. The S272P may be ordered as a direct burial or with a steel plate for attachment to concrete or deck.

They are finished with an Oil based sealer.  Also available in Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium in various wattages. Incandescent 8000 hour 67 watt lamp or appropriate long life HID lamp included.

Height 3' 4' 6' 8' 10'
  $270 $284 $321 $354 $381
Add $6 per set for anchor bolts.

Idaho Wood

Traditional Lantern Post Light

These two fixtures provide the traditional presentation that is desired in many homes. The post light head is slightly larger than the wall light to give you proper scale.

R252P - This direct burial traditional post light is available in overall heights from 5' to 12'. Allow 18-24" for burial. Available with steel base also; specify. It is shipped in two pieces. It is very easy to install. It is wired complete from a 1/2" connection box 18" from the bottom of the post to the weather proof glass globed fixture on top of the post. The head attaches simply to the post. Anchor bolts and nuts available. Add $6 per set. Stainless Steel Acorn Nuts available. Finished with an Oil based sealer. 5000 Hour - 75 watt bulb included.   Head dimension 12"H, 10"Sq. Max. Wattage 75W.

The 252 wall light has a lantern style design with a traditional look. Cap is included as part of the design. 60 watt long-life bulb included. 10"H, 7 1/2"W, 9 1/2"D, MW 60.

Note: A hanging type lantern light is available.

5' 6' 8' 10' 12'
$185 $197 $218 $252 $265
R252 Wall Light Hanging Lantern
R252 $57   R252H $57
S252 $61   S252H $61
Idaho Wood
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Idaho Wood
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Direct Burial Square Lantern Light  

The R270 is a square lantern direct burial post light. The post is 3 1/2""x 3 1/2""x 8' (6' above grade). The wireway is concealed. It is wired complete from a 1/2" connection box 18" from the bottom of the post.

The resawn cedar wood is finished with an Oil based sealer. Available with steel base; specify.

The R270 post light ships as two pieces with easy connection. The R278 wall light makes use of the R270 pod head only.

Note: The R278 wall light is unfinished. 5000 hour - 75 watt long-life bulb included.  Head dimension - 18"H, 8 1/2"W, 11 1/4"D, MW150

R270 Post Light $324 R278 Wall Light $101
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Idaho Wood
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Octagon Series   

This matched Octagon shaped series of lights are residential. The cut outs for the lens are done very sharply on a pin router.
     The landscape fixture contains a weatherproof glass globe. The R221 landscape light is complete with a 3/4" female fitting at the bottom of the fixture designed to attach to rigid conduit.
     Each fixture is shipped complete with an appropriate long life bulb. Finished with an oil sealer. .

R221W $47 12"H, 6"W, 8"D MW60
add $4 for cap if required - The wall light is unfinished
R221 $78 16"H, 6" Octagon MW60
R221P 3'
4' 6' 8'
  $166 $176 $198 $228

You have a choice of incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED bulbs for our Fixtures. See Lamp/LED page for details. All of the fixtures have slightly different requirements of maximum wattage. Wall lights are generally 60 watts and bollard and small post lights 100 watts. Inquire with us as to your needs.

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