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Wooden architectural lighting fixtures and specialty timber products for residential and commercial environments. Handcrafted to exacting standards at our workshop in Oxford, North Carolina.


The spirit lake collection

Lamp 262

Unparalleled lighting experiences through exceptional design and quality craftsmanship.


  • Iconic, minimalist design
  • Dark Sky compliant
  • Long lasting top grade Western Red Cedar
  • Powder coated steel reinforced base
  • UL certified
Lamp 472Lamp 472 turned on
Lamp dimensions: width 7inch/17.8cm, depth: 7 inch/17.8cm, height: 36inch/91.4cm
Lamp 472 with its base and dimensions
Available in the following finishes:
Available lamp finish - unfinished
Available lamp finish - clear, teak oil


Iconic, minimalist design.

Iconic design intended for residential and commercial settings where bollards are needed for downlighting.

Dark Sky compliant.

Dark Sky compliant: all light is diffused downward. Access photometric files here.

Ships with a soft white A19 LED bulb: an energy efficient, widely available bulb that can be easily replaced when it goes out.

Long lasting top grade western red cedar.

Renewable, long lasting materials: made to last with clear grade western red cedar from sustainably managed Canadian forests.

UL certified.

Carbon sink: built almost entirely of wood, which stores carbon. In contrast, metal fixtures contribute to greenhouse gas emissions associated with the mining and smelting of iron ore to produce steel.

Steel reinforced base.

Steel re-enforced base anchors to a concrete footer.

Lighting Collections by Idaho Wood

Our timeless designs are handcrafted to exceptional standards of craftsmanship and made of top quality Western Red Cedar. The light they emanate reflects softly off the wood for an ambiance altogether unique. The inherent beauty of our fixtures enhance any setting whether indoors, outdoors, commercial or residential.

Spirit Lake Collection: Lamp 258H - 16" Height
Spirit Lake Collection: Lamp 258 - 11"
Spirit Lake Collection: Lamp 258H - 11"
Spirit Lake Collection: Lamp 262
Spirit Lake Collection: Lamp 258 - 16"
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Specialty timber products

Our specialty timber products include mantels, posts, beams, decorative gable trusses, corbels, braces, overhang brackets, headers and box beams as well as pergolas and pavilions. Like our lighting products, our timber products are hand crafted to exacting standards. We source top quality Western Red Cedar, care for it by stickering it properly and allowing it to air dry, work it when it is sufficiently dry and hand deliver it to your jobsite.

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Professional customers

We work with architects, designers, builders and electrical engineers, among others, to deliver the lighting needs for their projects. Register an account with us to have easy access to all spec sheets, drawings, renderings, photos, IES files and related photometric data.

Our products are used extensively in coastal environments where Dark Sky compliance is required. This ensures light pollution does not disturb wildlife, especially sea turtles during nesting and hatching.

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Turtles on a beachTurtles on a beach

Custom designs

If you cannot find the perfect fixture for your project in our catalogue, reach out to us about a custom, made to order design. Whether you desire an old Idaho Wood fixture that we no longer carry, or an entirely new concept, we are happy to serve you.

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Custom lamp sketchesCustom lamp sketches